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Free Printables

Throughout our site we have included many free printables to help you get started with the Pillars of Preparedness. To keep it simple we've included them all right here. Print the one you need or print them all to start your own preparedness binder. Please do not sell or take credit for these printables and if you do share with a friend let them know where you got it. 

List out 5 likely emergencies and 3 things you can do to prepare. 

Plan out a food storage you'll actually eat starting with 10 common recipes through creating a shopping list. 

Not sure where to start with food storage? Check out this printable that gives an overview from planning to storing. 

Quick guide to treating burns to print off and keep in your first-aid kit. 

A checklist of our favorite spices to have on hand, where we get them, and how we store them. 

Print off a checklist of what to have in a simple first-aid kit so you can quickly build your own. 

Print out this evacuation checklist and use it as the cover of your emergency binder. 

List of nutrients you don't want to over look in your food storage according to a registered dietitian. 

Print off and fill out this list of emergency contacts to add to your emergency binder. 

Print off binder dividers and add tabs to keep all your documents or notes for each Pillar of Preparedness organized. 

Print off and plan out evacuation destinations for emergencies that require you to leave your home. 

Check Back Soon!

We plan on making more printables so check back soon or let us know if there is a printable you wish we had for you. 

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