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Frequently Asked Questions


We are here to help make preparedness simple and easy for you. If you don't find the answer to your question on our FAQ page please contact us here

 01  Can I get prepared if I live in an apartment or townhome and don't have a lot of space? 

We've been there too and know how difficult it is. While you may not have a room to dedicate to a full food storage room there are lots of creative ways to find and make space. Here are some of our favorite solutions to get you started. Storing buckets or boxes under your bed hidden behind a bedskirt (we have a bed frame with no box spring that gives us 15" of vertical space). Putting shelves or large totes in the dead space under stairways. Using 5 gallon buckets with a board on top to create a false bottom in a closet. Storing food in No.10 cans or 5 gallon buckets in a crawl space. Using the back of deep pantry shelves for less used food storage and the front for foods used every day. Putting shelfs in an armoire in your living room or bedroom to tuck preparedness items out of sight. We will have more on small space storage solutions soon so follow us on Instagram so you don't miss it. 




 02  Can I get prepared if I only have $25 a week to spend? 

Yes! Every little bit adds up. Start a sub savings account and deposit $25 in it each week while you make your food storage shopping list. When a good sale or a good deal comes up use the money you set away to take advantage of buying large quantities at the lowest prices. As you start building (and using) your food storage you'll find you have more room in your budget because you are consistently stocking up for the lowest sales prices or buying at a bulk discount. Pretty soon you'll find you are spending less on groceries than ever and enjoying more wiggle room in your budget. Keep depositing $25 in your sub savings account so you are always ready to act when you find those amazing deals. Listen to our podcast to hear about getting organic butter for $0.10/pound (not a typo, seriously).



 03  Where do I get started? This is all so overwhelming. 

We created the Pillars of Preparedness to help you see how the parts of preparedness fit together. Start where you feel ready. It doesn't matter where you are starting, just that you slowly and steadily build on where you are now.To grow your preparedness mindset listen to our podcast. If you are ready to take some action steps pick one of the Pillars of Preparedness and work your way through. If you get stuck please contact us. If you need a little motivation check us out on Instagram


 04  You talk about things I don't have in my area like case lot sales, NPS, and stores that sell in bulk. What am I supposed to do? 

Every area has different stores with different perks and it can be easy to get caught up in a the-grass-is-always-greener frame of mind. Don't let that get in the way  of what benefits you do have in your area. You can always ask the store manager if they do a bulk discount or if they can bring you out unopened cases when a good sale is going on. If you don't have stores that sell bulk see if Azure Standard delivers to your area. See if you can make a special order through a store and create a co-op order with your church, neighborhood or friends. Don't get so focused on what you don't have that you blind yourself to the benefits you do have. Also start asking around. Often stores like NPS are not well advertised and you have to really dig to find them. 



 05  How do I find time for preparedness? I'm so busy already. 

While there is for sure some upfront time investment in getting prepared, the way we have set up our systems actually saves us lots of time and energy in the long run. We have tried to streamline the process and get you all the information you need in once place so you can quickly make your way through the Pillars of Preparedness. Once you have your systems in place all that upfront work pays back amazing dividends in time and money saved in your day to day life. You'll spend less time putting out metaphorical fires because you will be two steps ahead every day. 

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