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Pillars of Preparedness

The foundation of preparedness is the mindset from which you build. Build from a place of peace and confidence and be ready for whatever life throws your way. Read more about the Pillars of Preparedness below.  

Building the Pillars of Preparedness 

The foundation of the Pillars of Preparedness is mindset. Start right now and shift your mindset from one of fear and confusion to the mindset of preparedness. Listen to our podcast to start building your foundation. Having the right mindset is crucial for your preparedness journey. It sets preparedness apart from hoarding. The right mindset is one that is strategic and plans ahead for likely scenarios. It builds slowly and steadily instead of frantically grabbing things in fear. Building from this foundation as you work through each of the pillars ensures that you build in a way that is wise for your own unique situation. 

Completing each of the Pillars of Preparedness brings you to a change in lifestyle. Not the type of lifestyle where you are living in a bunker eating MREs but a lifestyle where you are ready for what life throws your way. A lifestyle that saves you money, mental energy, deceases

your stress and brings you enjoyment every single day. It may seem like getting prepared will be adding a load to your plate, but you will find that the more proactive you are and the more prepared you are the less stress you will experience in your life.


Imagine living a life where something going wrong doesn't throw off your whole day. Imagine living a life where you only have to go to the grocery store for fresh produce and if a grocery trip isn't convenient that week you are fine because you have plenty of shelf stable meals planned and onhand. Imagine living a life with increased confidence because you have the skills of self-reliance. Our goal at Prep Consulting Co is to help you live that life. Get started by working your way through each of the pillars: First aid, shelter, water, food, communication and evacuation. For inspiration and motivation follow us on social media or tune into our weekly podcast episode

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