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Meet the Team

David Woodward

David has lived preparedness throughout his life. His family of origin kept food storage and practiced frugal living. He broadened his preparedness skillsets and mindsets from being an Eagle Scout to a paratrooper in the Army. He taught junior high for several years and love helping others learn and apply life skills to make life simpler today and better tomorrow.

Lisa Woodward

Lisa is the organize and set goals, who makes plans to maximize resources. She is a registered dietitian who uses her degree to help develop our unique food storage system. She is excited to help other develop the habits that lead to a simpler today and a better tomorrow.

David and Lisa have been married over ten years. Starting in a studio apartment they have strived to built a life on God's principles of self-reliance. They have become certified instructors in nearly a dozen marriage seminar curriculums. They have taught seminars for the military using Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University, Stephen Covey's Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families, Gary Chapman's Five Love Languages, Mark Gungor's Laugh Your Way to a Better MarriagePREP, Oxygen, and others. They've taken the principles they learned through these certifications to create a method of preparedness that not only helps you be prepared for emergencies but helps simplify and better your life today. 
They regularly make bread, dehydrate, can, bucket, freeze, ferment, and most recently freeze dry food. Through budgeting and developing their own tips and tricks they have learned to thrive even on a small and single earner income become completely debt free. Homeschool, preparedness, resourcefulness, and being undaunted together has led to a life of provident living they would like to share with you, so you too can have a simpler today for a better tomorrow.

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