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7 Ways Preparedness Makes Life Simpler

I feel people often miss the mark with preparedness. It is considered an insurance of sort, where you have things you will probably never use but want to keep around just incase. As a person who can't stand clutter that just didn't work for me. Together my husband and I created our own brand of preparedness that we share here are Prep Consulting Co. This isn't your grandma's preparedness. This is preparedness to make your life simpler, today.

Save Money When Shopping

When you are preparing ahead and shopping ahead you can take advantage of sales, bulk discounts, case lot sales, and clearance close out. You buy lots of what you need when it is at the lowest price and lock in that lowest price for yourself all year long (or however often you buy that food storage item each year). We love all savings this brings into our life. Buying food on sale, storing that food, then using that food regularly to rotate your food storage will be life altering in a mind blowing way. Get ready to save some serious money when you get prepared by creating a food storage you'll actually use.

Self Rotating Systems

If you have a food storage you are going to want to organize that food storage to make it easily accessible and to make sure you rotate through things before they go bad. When you are prepared you have a system in place that allows you to do this which makes shopping so much simpler. You know how much you need for x amount of time. You know how much space that much food takes up on the shelf. When you see a good deal and are ready to stock up you know exactly how much you need just by checking the shelf space. Simple.

Less Time Shopping

Does anyone like grocery shopping? I mean really? Like now, post 2020? People have gone crazy. I thought I got dirty looks taking small children to the store...Try small children sans masks. Save yourself time (to do something fun!) by going grocery shopping less often.

When you stock you on food storage items you don't have to go to the grocery store nearly as often which saves you time running errands each week, money on impulse purchases, plus the mental energy of planning trips.

Create a Buffer for Life's Ups and Downs

It is no secret that inconvenient things happen in life on the regular. By being prepared you create a buffer for when you get sick or have another unexpected health emergency, or a car emergency or an oops-I-forgot emergency. It creates a buffer for when a baby unexpectedly comes early. It creates a buffer for when you lose your job. Having a buffer gives you less stress and more time shift to plan B seamlessly.

Stay Out of the Crisis Zone

When you have a buffer emergencies become less urgent and scary and stressful. As Dave Ramsey says, "When you are prepared for emergencies Murphy doesn't come knocking." Having this buffer eases your stress and gives you space and time to think clearly and act rationally because you've already got your basics covered. What used to be a major crisis that needed to be dealt with immediately becomes a barely noticeable hiccup because you've removed the urgency from any emergency that comes your way and urgent problems are what put you in the crisis zone.

Develops Ingenuity

Preparedness starts with mindset. This mindset branches out to create ingenuity. You'll find yourself learning to can your own food, trying sourdough, cooking from scratch, fixing your own cars and unafraid to try new things. With this ingenuity you are better prepared to handle whatever life throws at you. Even if something new and unexpected is thrown your way you are in the habit of trying new things so it's no big deal. It's kind of like when as a first time mom you pack everything in the diaper bag just in case but as a third time mom you bring a diaper and a blanket and just wing it form there...only different.

Peace of Mind

Having all of these skills and options in your corner brings peace of mind. Who doesn't want a little more peace of mind in their life? Rest easy knowing you've done your part to be prepared and that you are ready to adapt and over come with anything life throws your way.

Getting prepared isn't just about having all the things in an emergency. It isn't just about fancy plans on paper. Preparedness is about living your life in away that makes things easier for you now. A way that makes life better now and improves quality of life now. Start getting prepared so you can have a simpler today and a better tomorrow.

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