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Shelter is important because humans can only live about three hours in extreme weather without shelter. You want your shelters to be ready to be a haven during an emergency. Get your shelters prepared for emergencies and simplify life by keeping it simple. Have these things on hand to be ready for emergencies from the power going out to severe weather. Again, just look at one step and work on it before going on to the next. Simple is doable and not overwhelming. A simpler today for a better tomorrow.

Protip: Start at number 1 and don't even look at number 2 until 1 is done. Then go on one at a time.


Supplying Your Shelter

  1. A Power Bank - Keep your phone charged in a power outage or natural disaster.

  2. Fire Extinguisher - Have at least 2. One for your kitchen and bedroom. Your spend about 1/3 of your day in your bedroom.

  3. Butane Stove and Fuel - Have at least 4 cans of fuel to cook with during an emergency.

  4. Headlamp / Flashlight with lithium batteries - Lithium batteries are more powerful and don't leak! (nonlithium batteries will leak into your electronics and ruin them when not removed).


Stocking Your Shelter

  1. Heavy Duty Extension Cord - If you don't have a generator, maybe a neighbor will let you use some power from theirs, plus you need to reach from your generator into your house to your refrigerator so get this first. Longer the better.

  2. Tent - If your home is compromised by an earthquake or other emergency, you'll have a place to sleep and have privacy. Bonus: You can finally make that family camping trip happen. 

  3. Generator - Dual fuel is key for less maintenance and ease of use. This is powerful enough to keep a fridge or freezer cold so you don't lose your food. This is also quiet so you don't advertise as much you have power and have someone come take your generator (trust us, it happens).

  4. Fuel for generator and heater - Have at least 3 tanks

  5. Big Buddy Heater and hose with adapter - This is to heat a room in your house. You'll need the adapter hose to utilize your large propane tanks.


Your Vehicle as a Shelter

  1. First-aid Kit - Get our free PDF of what to include in a simple first-aid kit.  

  2. Water - We use two half gallon juice bottles we have refilled with water.

  3. Snacks - Whatever your family will eat and can handle temperature swings. We like granola bars and crackers.

  4. A Power Bank - Don't let your phone run out of power during the day.

  5. Jumper Cables or Jump Starter Box - Help your neighbor or yourself when your battery dies.

  6. Blanket (at least a mylar emergency blanket) - Stay warm, but you're also always ready for a picnic!

  7. Hand Warmers - These are so effective and convenient for cold outings or being stranded on a snowy day. 

  8. Headlamp / Flashlight with lithium batteries - Again, lithium batteries are more powerful and don't leak! (nonlithium batteries will leak into your electronics and ruin them when not removed).

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